The Story

The Story


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When I think about telling our story, I’m not sure where to begin. We live on a boat, but a year ago we lived with a family of eight. They were looking to move but didn’t have a place lined up at the right time, so God moved on our hearts to invite them to live with us. So they lived upstairs…in our attic. Our large attic was their tiny home and it worked out really well. What we thought would be only a few months turned into a year and a half of living, growing, learning, and loving each other. There were twelve of us in a roughly 1700 square foot space on two acres, and when God gifted us each with a new baby, there were fourteen! Then, while in my third trimester, God moved on our hearts again, and spoke to my husband and I about leaving everything behind to travel. And the crazy part is we said yes. We said yes to God and adventure and to a life of radical trust in the One who loves us. And of all the ways of traveling we considered, it was sailing that captured our hearts and imaginations more than anything else.

That is the short version.

My husband found s/v Gromit (read more about the boat here) listed for sale through the owner’s blog. There was something about this boat, and we just had to see it for ourselves. With a leap of faith we flew across the country, saw it, met the family who lived on it and knew it was the one for us. Then we sold everything in Texas and moved across the country to live on our new home!


Our story is really just a testament to the God who loves us. He’s radically changed us and in turn we radically trust him. We don’t know what he has in store for us. We’re not leaving everything behind with a lot of expectations. We want to follow him wherever he leads and in small and not so small ways we believe he’s pointing the way. With each step we’re learning more about ourselves, more about God, more about the people he loves so much (which is everyone!). We’re growing and bonding as a family and that’s exactly what we want.

Sisters and best friends
Our boat – s/v Gromit

God is so good. The family that we lived with bought our house from us (they were living there anyway!) and God has written an incredible story in their lives through that house. I am so grateful.

There is so much more goodness in store! We are eager to see all the goodness, the growing, the gifts that are sure to come from this adventure!

Thanks for reading and following along!



God is moving again. That is the nature of his Spirit. After about eight months of living, traveling and growing out on the sea, we felt God speaking to us to move back to Texas where our journey began. Soon after moving back, we found out we were expecting baby number four! We have been incredibly grateful to be on land, near family and close to our favorite doctor as we’ve navigated through a somewhat difficult pregnancy so far. We know God has abundant goodness here on land, just as he did for us on the sea. We are so excited to welcome a new baby as we continue to dream of future adventures! And we would love for you to continue to be a part of it!

Thank for following us and encouraging us through our journey!

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