I Am a Sailor’s Wife

Motor sailing across the Chesapeake Bay 2016

I am a sailor’s wife.

I live inside curved cabins. I contort rectangle sheets over beds that are anything but.

I stow sails into lockers, cans under settees.

I forego convenience, but I celebrate the rush of stepping onto distant shores.

I plunge my clothes into buckets and plunge my toilets of their waste.

Norfolk, Virginia on our first season cruising 2016

I follow my captain’s lead. I trust his leadership to protect me, our family and our boat.

I rock babies while the water rocks me.

I move with my home. I embrace and let go often; it is the way of this life.

I am a keeper of cabins and a tender to tenders.

I am a sailor’s wife.

2 thoughts on “I Am a Sailor’s Wife”

  1. Great blog…I am a Captains wife….. I could go on and on…

    Debbie Orlando
    Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

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